Proposed Resolution to Licence Places of Public Entertainment in East Renfrewshire

Closed 22 Nov 2018

Opened 25 Oct 2018


Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Resolution in terms of Section 9 of

the Civic Government (Sc.) Act 1982 passed by the East Renfrewshire

Council on 11th September 2018 proposes to amend previous

resolutions requiring certain places carrying on certain activities to

be licenced as places of public entertainment. The council is now

publishing this advert to advise the public that:-

(a) The council intends to make this resolution and ,

(b) That representations about the resolution may be made in

writing to the council at the address or email address below

within 28 days of the date of publication of this advert.

(c) Any representations received will be taken into account before

the fi nal resolution is made by the council.

Once a resolution is passed, a licence from the council shall be

required for the use of premises (including land) providing any of

these types of entertainment to the public (a fee is payable)

The council presently requires a licence for:-

a. Open air concerts;

b. Circuses;

c. Fairgrounds;

d. Large fetes with tented accommodation for the public;

e. Snooker, billiard or pool halls which do not have a liquor licence

f. Sunbed parlours/tanning salons

g. Amusement arcades



The East Renfrewshire Council, as licensing authority for East

Renfrewshire, by virtue of the powers conferred on them by Section

9 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, DO HEREBY RESOLVE

That as from (TBA) 2019 the categories of places of PUBLIC

ENTERTAINMENT requiring a licence shall be varied so as to apply

to the following places and places used for the following activities:-

(a) Open air music concerts or musical shows;

(b) Circuses;

(c) Fairgrounds or theme parks;

(d) Large fetes with tented accommodation for the public;

(e) Tanning salons;

(f) Gaming machine arcades which are not otherwise licensed;

(g) Concert or theatre halls not otherwise licenced;

(h) Firework and public bonfi re displays where the fi reworks are

the main attraction;

(i) Paintball games;

(j) Bungee jumping/bungee running;

(k) Motor shows or motor cycle or motor stunt shows;

(l) Go-kart and quad biking provided for public entertainment;

(m) Christmas light “switch on” events or other seasonal

celebration events for public entertainment;

(n) Highland games events;

(o) Agricultural shows including equestrian events and sheepdog


(p) Any public entertainment activity involving infl atable structures

such as “bouncy castles”;

(q) Any public entertainment activity involving shooting or


(r) Wrestling, boxing, cage fi ghting, martial arts or other similar

events for public entertainment (not otherwise licenced or


(s) Other sporting events (not otherwise licenced or exempt and

except school sports day events organised by the education


(t) Any premises holding any other type of events for the purposes

of public entertainment which will attract more than 500

participants or spectators.



Those provided for in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act

1982 and in addition:- a public entertainment licence is not required

for premises where:-

(a) The event is provided to an audience of less than 500 persons

at any one time and the organiser of the event takes appropriate

steps to monitor and control capacity during the event;

(b) In planning and delivering the event organiser takes appropriate

health and safety advice; and

(c) The organiser carries out a risk assessment of the proposed

event and determines that no aspect of the event presents

a high risk to the safety of spectators.

In these circumstances, a licence is not required.



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