Public Entertainment Licences Consultation 2018

Closed 14 May 2018

Opened 16 Apr 2018


If you’re land or premises is used for the purpose of public entertainment then it could need a licence from the council. The law allows the council to choose what types of premises, activities or events it wishes to licence within its council area. In East Renfrewshire, the present categories are in need of review and we would like to consult with the public, businesses, community groups, events organisers, and anyone else with an interest in public entertainment within East Renfrewshire.

Why We Are Consulting

It does not matter if entry to the premises or event is free or paid for, nor is there any restriction on types of events or premises. It does not matter if the entertainment is for thousands or just a few people. The range of possible premises and events is wide-ranging and we are looking for your help in narrowing down the premises activities or events which you consider should be licensed as well as those which you believe should not be licensed, and your reasons for these suggestions.

Here are a few examples of possible premises, activities or events which could require licensing: –

  • Musical concerts indoors or outdoors
  • travelling circuses or funfairs
  • Christmas light switch on events
  • festivals, localities or fetes
  • Council organised events such as “Armed Forces Day”
  • school or amateur group plays, concerts or displays
  • boxing wrestling or other similar entertainment
  • firework displays
  • soft play or children’s activities venues
  • motorised entertainment venues such as go-karting
  • pool or billiards hall
  • gyms or sports clubs, leisure activities
  • sunbed parlours
  • Ice rinks

The above list contains only examples and we would appreciate hearing from you if you have any more suggestions or have comments on any of the above. The council will take all your comments into consideration when deciding what premises events and activities it should licence.

If you would prefer to meet with us to discuss public entertainment licensing then please also let us know.

Please leave your comments by email to or by writing to the licensing section at Council headquarters Giffnock G46 6UG.


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