CLD Young Parents Feedback Little Bumps Pre-natal

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Closes 17 Aug 2020


1. How beneficial was each of the following Little Bumps pre-natal sessions?
2. What were the key benefits to being part of this group for you (eg meeting people, emotional support, useful information)? Please explain your answer …..
3. What difference did this make to you during your pregnancy?
4. In what ways did being part of this group help you prepare for pregnancy and becoming a parent?
5. How did being part of this group of this group help your partner/birthing partner (if applicable)?
6. Did you feel supported while attending the group? If so, please tell us about it.
7. Did coming to the group lead you to accessing any other supports/opportunities? If so, what were they?
8. What changes could be made to make the group better? Are there any other activities/sessions you think should be included?
9. Do you have any other comments?