East Renfrewshire Interim Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care 2021-22

Closed 5 Mar 2021

Opened 12 Feb 2021


As we continue our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and as we start to recover from its impacts, East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership is beginning a process for planning for the future.  Full consultation work will be undertaken over the next year to develop a 3-year strategic plan for health and social care for 2022-25.   To support our first year of recovery we have developed a 1-year ‘interim’ strategic plan setting out our key priorities for 2021-22.  The aim of this initial consultation exercise is to gather views from residents and others stakeholders on the priorities included in the one-year plan and hear any views on longer-term priorities for the years ahead.  Your ideas will help us improve local health and social care supports as we move beyond the pandemic. 

You can read the interim strategic plan here. Our priorities are described in detail in pages 16 to 32.

Our draft plan sets out 8 strategic priorities.  These relate to the key issues we want to focus on during 2021-22 and in the years ahead as we move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.  The following questions take each priority in turn and ask whether you agree that this should be an urgent priority and whether we are focusing on the right things.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • East Renfrewshire GP Practices
  • RES Staff
  • Health & Social Care Staff
  • HSCP Management