Period Poverty

Closed 25 Feb 2020

Opened 28 Jan 2020

Results expected 28 Feb 2020

Feedback expected 28 Feb 2020


Period products have been made available in a range of council buildings and community spaces for local residents. Partners and services have supplies to give directly to targeted customers and service users, particularly those at risk of, or currently experiencing, period poverty.

It would be helpful to gain views from those involved to make improvements to this method of delivery and to shape future provision.

Please be honest and make suggestions - without your input, it will be harder to see where improvements can be made.

Why your views matter

The feedback from customers & staff will be used for various aspects of this project including:

- places where products are available

- ordering process

- promotion of project.

What happens next

The information gathered will be used to refine and improve access to free period products for our residents.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Community Planning