Response to 'A Connected Scotland': Social Isolation and Loneliness

Closed 26 Mar 2018

Opened 7 Mar 2018


This consultation asks the community their views on the Scottish Government's draft strategy A Connected Scotland. 

This strategy looks at two things.

Social isolation – which means how often and how well people communicate with other people.

Loneliness – is described as a feeling when the difference between how often someone wants to communicate with others and how often they can. People can feel lonely at lots of different times in their lives moving schools, different family circumstances, fall out with friends.

The government have found that there have been lots of effects of loneliness. We want your views about loneliness to feed in to the Scottish Government and help to change the way we do things nationally and locally.

Here in East Ren, we are working to improve the lives of people in the area. Last year, we worked with the community to develop Fairer East Ren, the plan for reducing inequalities in the authority.  One part of this is increasing connectiveness. As well as feeding into the national strategy, we will use your views to influence the way we do this in the future.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

What Happens Next

Your views will form the basis of East Renfrewshire Council's response to the Scottish Government consultation 'A Connected Scotland'.

Your views will also be used to inform our strategy at a local level, feeding into the Fairer East Ren plan. Working with communities to create a Fairer East Ren is a key priority of the East Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership. The plan for a Fairer East Ren will focus on tackling the top issues causing inequality in East Renfrewshire.  We are gathering more information about local priorities, to add to what local people have already told us.  

Communities are best placed to identify needs in their area, which is why we have based our future planning on the needs and aspiration of people at a local level.


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