Children's Libraries Survey (5 - 11 years)

Closed 5 Dec 2015

Opened 30 Sep 2015


We believe that all of our customers, young and old, can help us to make libraries in East Renfrewshire better by telling us what they think and by giving us their ideas and suggestions.

Some notes on completing this survey:

  • This survey is for children ages 5 - 11 years.
  • Children should complete this survey only with permission from a parent / carer or another responsible adult (e.g. a teacher). Children 8 years old and younger should complete the survey with support from a parent / carer.
  • Paper copies of this survey are available through local libraries if you would prefer to respond that way.
  • The survey will be completely private. We will not identify you in any way.
  • This survey should take you about 5 - 7 minutes to complete. How long it takes will depend on how much information you give us when you answer some of the questions.


Many thanks for your help!


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  • Residents of East Renfrewshire