Digital Communication and Online School Payments Parent/Carer Survey

Closed 13 Nov 2015

Opened 22 Oct 2015


The Education Department is currently undertaking a review of administrative and clerical processes in the department, schools and prefive establishments with a view to both delivering approved financial savings and also modernising how we work.  Where it is appropriate and possible, manual processes will be removed and replaced with automated, digital and paperless alternatives.  Communications with parents/carers is one aspect of this review and we would welcome your views on this in order to help inform the improvements in this area.

Alongside this review we are also looking at improvements to our online school payments system. The current Payments for Schools system has been in place since 2010 and until August 2015, East Renfrewshire remained the only local authority in Scotland to offer online payments for schools for meals and trips.  However it is recognised that there a number of aspects of the current system which we would wish to improve upon and again we are keen to have your own views as users of the system.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the attached short survey which will help inform changes which we hope will deliver systems and processes which are fit for the future and support the department’s vision of Everyone Attaining, Everyone Achieving through Excellent Experiences.    


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