Barrhead North Master Plan

Closed 5 Sep 2014

Opened 1 Aug 2014


Barrhead North is made up of three separate brownfield sites(the former Spillers factory, the former Shanks Industrial Park and land at the junction of Blackbyres & Grahamston Rd) that together cover a large area of land that has not positively contributed to Barrhead for some time.  The sites have been proposed for development uses that will deliver employment and housing as follows: 

  • Former Spillers Factory - Employment
  • Former Shanks Park - Residential
  • Blackbyres/Grahamston Rd - Employment/Resdential

The Council has prepared a development framework demonstrating the proposed uses and development principles for the sites and is currently preparing a master plan to develop these further.  The Council is keen to ensure that the view of the wider community are heard and incorporated in the master plan as it evolves.

Why We Are Consulting

We want your views on the Barrhead North Master Plan


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