Housing Services Customer Engagement Strategy Consultation 2019

Closed 21 Oct 2019

Opened 1 Aug 2019


Housing Services are reviewing their Customer Engagement Strategy which  outlines their approach to tenant, and wider customer engagement over the coming 4 years.

Why your views matter

We are consulting not because legislation says we should but because we genuinely want to hear the views of a range of customers around how we can best engage with them in the future.

We believe that customer input on how we run our services will ensure we provide services that best meet our customers needs.

To achieve this we are looking to implement Engage, Involve and Improve.

We will routinely engage with those that use, or wish to use, our services, we will actively involve them in a way that they choose and we will use the feedback we get to improve the services we provide.

Who are our customers?

Housing Services has a range of customers that we provide, or could be expected to provide, services to:

  • East Renfrewshire Council Tenants
  • owner occupiers to whom we provide communal repairs and factoring services
  • private landlords
  • waiting list applicants (future tenants)
  • tenants of other landlords seeking advice or assistance
  • homeless applicants and those seeking housing options advice and support.
  • people in temporary accommodation or those receiving housing support
  • People who receive specific services such as Aids and Adaptations
  • people who live in neighbourhoods we manage and as such are affected by the services we provide


  • All Areas


  • Tenants and Residents Associations
  • Tenants and Customers of East Renfrewshire Housing Service
  • East Renfrewshire homeowners within mixed tenure blocks
  • Residents of East Renfrewshire
  • Council Staff


  • Housing