Factor Fees

Closed 20 Jan 2020

Opened 3 Jan 2020

Results expected 9 Mar 2020

Feedback expected 30 Mar 2020


East Renfrewshire Council's Housing Service introduced a Factoring Service in 2015 after legislation was introduced that put greater responsibilities on organisations who carried out factoring duties as part of their business. 

We introduced a fee for the service in 2015 and are looking to increase the fee for the first time in 2020. This consultation is seeking the views of factoring customers on the fee increase.  

Why your views matter

There are three options of fee increases being proposed and we are consulting to decide on which option factoring customers would prefer

What happens next

Once the responses have been collected and customer's preferences have been counted, a report will be submitted to Cabinet advising of the Factoring Service's proposal to increase the fee and which option of increase is being proposed. 

If Cabinet approve the increase, factoring customers will be written to before receiving their factor fee invoices for 2020-21 to confirm which option of increase customers preferred.


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