Housing Services Re-design - Staff engagement

Closed 17 Sep 2018

Opened 24 Aug 2018


As part of our engagement approach to the re-design proposed within Housing Services, this survey is a follow up to the 1-2-1's or discussions at your team meetings throughout July around the Housing re-design.  We hope you had an opportunity to discuss your views on how the service should be designed in terms of structure, how we can move to a more customer focussed service, improving how we all work as a service, ensuring we have the right technologies to help us.

The survey is not anonymous, we will ask you for your name.  Please do not be out off by this.  We want you to be as open and honest as possible with us on how you think the re-design approach. The survey should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback is really important.  All ideas will be considered alongside some of the principles we wish to work towards, also taking into account the visits we have undertaken to other Councils/Registered Social Landlords.

If you have any questions around the survey or the review, please speak to Suzanne.

Thank you.

What Happens Next

Your feedback is appreciated and will provide us with your thoughts and feelings on how Housing Services should be designed to transform and deliver an even better service.


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