Housing Waiting List Additional Information

Closed 20 Aug 2021

Opened 7 Jun 2021


East Renfrewshire Council is consulting to make sure it has the most accurate data to plan for future housing development and investment in the area. Our Strategy Team is currently seeking further information from applicants who are on our Council House waiting list.  

We already have information about you and your household which helps us to allocate homes to applicants - as these become available.  

However, to plan ahead for our services and homes, we are adding to the information we have about you. It is important that we have accurate information about your housing needs, and so we are asking you to complete this survey to help us. 

This includes: 

  • Your property preferences (options you would consider for renting, buying etc.) 

  • Any health or other particular needs you may have (disability, level access needs etc.) 

The information you provide will be used by our team to carry out analysis to inform local housing strategy. Individual details will not be used in an identifiable way for this research.  

The information you provide will also be added to your housing application, and will only be used or shared with others in the process of allocating you a home, as set out in the statements made on your housing application. Further detail on how your data is managed and used can be found at:  


If you have any questions, or require any assistance please contact our Housing Strategy Team via email: housingserviceimprovement@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk or phone: 07917 695612 or 07769 280351

Why your views matter

The Council is consulting to make sure it has the most accurate data to plan for future housing.

What happens next

We will use the information to inform our Local Housing Strategy and ensure we have the most accurate information on housing needs.


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