Private Rented Sector Tenant Survey

Closed 28 Feb 2015

Opened 19 Jan 2015


There is very little known about the private rented sector compared to other sectors and there has been very little research carried out at a local level.  Therefore it is necessary for the council to conduct further research in order to identify how the sector operates and to assess what its function can be in terms of providing an affordable housing option. 

Why We Are Consulting

The aim of this survey is to establish the current position on the private rented sector in the following areas:

  • who lives there;
  • why they choose to live there; and
  • how affordable is it.


In considering these areas, the Council will gain a better understanding of the private rented sector and how much it can contribute to providing affordable housing to households in need.  All areas provide an essential aspect that requires detailed knowledge.

Please Note Taking part in the survey is voluntary, but it will help us better understand the views of local people about housing within the private rented sector.  The answers you give will remain confidential and they will not be directly linked to you as an individual.  They will not affect your housing application, if you have one.



  • All Areas


  • Residents of East Renfrewshire


  • Housing