Privacy notice – Citizen Space


1.            Who will process your information?

The personal information you give to us through any of our forms relating to Citizen Space surveys and consultations and any other personal information we hold about you in this context will be processed by East Renfrewshire Council, Eastwood Park Giffnock G46 6UG for the analysis of survey or consultation data, or conducting further research where you have expressed an interest in being part of such follow up, or for providing any relevant consultation feedback.


2.         Why do we process your information?

Your information is processed to help us gather the views of local residents to inform how East Renfrewshire Council develops and delivers services. Your information may also be shared with other departments within the council and other organisations for the same purposes and also to

check the information we have is accurate;

prevent and/or detect crime; and

protect public funds

Other organisations include but are not limited to East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure and East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership.


3.         What is the legal basis for us to process your information?

The council processes your information in order to perform a task carried out in the public interest, in terms of the Community Empowerment Act 2015 and subsequent guidance which requires public bodies to engage our residents and communities.

The law gives certain types of information special significance because of its sensitivity e.g. health information.  If we process this type of information about you in relation to Citizen Space responses we do so on the basis of substantial public interest.


4.         Do you have to provide your information?

Without the correct information we will not be able to accurately analyse and feedback the views of our local communities and residents. This would mean that information which is used to inform the development and delivery of East Renfrewshire Council services would be incorrect, in particular we will not be able to understand the views of specific populations and communities including those with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.



5.         How do we collect information about you?

All of the information the council holds about you will come from you as an individual.

Such information comprises:-

Your name,

Your age

Your address

Your postcode

Your gender

Your Sexual orientation

Your disability status

Your Religion

Your Ethnic or Cultural Origin

Your Marital Status

IP Address


6.         How long will we keep your information?

The council will hold your information from the end of the year it was provided for a period of five years. Your information will be destroyed under confidential conditions after this period.


7.         Who is your information shared with?

Your information will be accessed by council staff who need to do so in order to analyse consultation responses.


8.         Do we transfer your information outside the UK?

In general we do not transfer personal information outside the UK but on the rare occasions we do we will inform you.

We will only transfer information outside the UK when we are satisfied that the party that will handle the data and the country it is being processed in have adequate safeguards for personal privacy comparable to those which are in place in the UK.


9.         Profiling and automated decision-making

The council do not use profiling or automated decision-making using any information gathered via Citizen Space.

10.       Your rights

You have the right to:

  1. Be informed of the council’s use of your information

This notice is intended to give you relevant information to meet this right.

  1. Access personal data held about you

You have the right to access personal information the council holds about you by making what is known as a subject access request. You can receive a copy of your personal data held by the council, details on why it is being held, who it has been or will be shared with, how long it will be held for , the source of the information and if the council uses computer systems to profile or take decisions about you.

  1. Request rectification of your personal data

We want to make sure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up to date. You have the right to ask us to correct any personal information about you that you believe does not meet these standards

  1. Request that the council restricts processing of your personal data

In some cases, you may ask us to restrict how we use your personal information.  This right might apply while we are dealing with a request for correction of your data or we are assessing an objection you have made to our use of your information.  This right might also apply if we no longer have a basis for using your personal information but you don't want us to delete the data.  When you successfully exercise this right we may only use the relevant personal information with your consent, for legal claims or where there are other public interest grounds to do so.

  1. Object to the processing of your data

You have the right to object to the council’s use of your personal data. The council will generally have to demonstrate why it is appropriate to continue to use your data but you have an absolute right to tell us to stop using your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

  1. Ask us to delete your information –

You have the right to ask us to delete personal information about you where:

I.             you think that we no longer need to hold the information for the purposes for which it was originally obtained

II.            you have a genuine objection to our use of your personal information

III.           our use of your personal information is contrary to law or our other legal obligations.


11.       Complaints

If you have an issue with the way the council handles your information or wish to exercise any of the above rights in respect of your information you can contact the council’s data protection officer by post at:

The Data Protection Officer

East Renfrewshire Council

Council headquarters

Eastwood Park


G46 6UG


or by email at



You have the right to complain directly to the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO).

The address of their head office is: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5EF

Telephone: 0303 123 1113          

Alternatively, you can report a concern via their website at          

The ICO also have a regional office at 45 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HI

Telephone: 0303 123 1115            e-mail:


While you can go directly to the ICO, the council would welcome an opportunity to address any issues you have in the first instance.

Delib Privacy Information

Delib’s software (this website) enables organisations to set up and operate democratic exercises, through which they will engage with you.

When you access and use this site, your information submitted to these exercises will go to the data controller: the organisation running this site. If you have provided it, this information may include personal data (e.g. your name, age, contact details etc.).

Delib’s role is to process this data on behalf of the controller. Processing means (among other things): making sure this website runs properly, that your data is securely stored and is available to the controller so that they can do their work effectively.

Our primary purpose is in making software platforms that help you to have your say. To do this we need to make sure that when you do, your data is safe, secure, and can be worked with effectively. So that’s what we do. Delib will not access your personal data unless requested to do so by the controller, and only for the purposes of helping them or you.

The data controller will have a privacy policy or other information notice, which sets out how they will hold and use the information you provide, as well as your rights in relation to that information. This policy or notice may be included on this page, or can be obtained by contacting them.

If you have any questions or requests about your personal data, these should be sent to the data controller in the first instance. Delib cannot directly deal with such enquiries as it does not control how your information is used.

Collection of Anonymous Browser Information

Delib stores information which is provided by your computer when you use the website. For example, your browser type, IP address, language preference, referring site, and the date and time. Delib's purpose in collecting this information is to maintain the security of the website and for the purposes of operating and improving the software.